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I recently attended a trade show in Santiago, Chile and visited La Parva ski resort to enjoy the view of the Andes Mountains. It is a 45 minute bus ride to the summit and contains 71 tight switchbacks, which our driver navigated with great confidence. I’m sure had I visited in winter I would have been ghost white on the way up. I felt like we could have been on an episode of “Deadliest Roads” as cars passed us and we passed other cars on very narrow roads. The cows and horses roaming the mountain side didn’t seem to mind vehicles and cyclists zipping past them. As we ascended to an altitude of 3000 meters our guide frequently asked if we were experiencing altitude sickness. Luckily, I’ve been to Bogota, Colombia a few times and can handle the lack of oxygen.

I was accompanied by two colleagues that share my sense of exploration and joy of photography. When we reached the summit we immediately started searching for the best vantage point to photograph the mountains. We would instantly call out when we discovered an interesting angle or amazing detail hidden on the mountain. The visit to the summit was scheduled for 60 minutes and we took advantage of every minute.

We had a great time and were left in awe of the mountains splendor and mans ingenuity for creating roads that make it possible to reach the summit.


Light trails by Safeco

A couple days ago I decided I wanted to capture some cool light trails of traffic by Safeco Park. I arrived around 7pm but it was still to bright outside so I had to wait until the sun went down. I was surprise to find that the bridge by Lewis Park was a popular spot for photographers. I was the first to arrive but soon afterward I was joined by 10 photographers. About a dozen conversations were started by asking, “Are you getting good shots?” preceded by sharing the image showing on the back of the camera. We all had a great time and we learned a little from each other. I learned that the middle of the bridge shakes far more than the ends.

These are my two favorite from my light trail outing.

30 second exposure at F22, ISO 100


10/14/12 Photo exercise - Leaves

A few of my Skip Summer School friends decided that we need to practice our photography in a more formal way. We’re going to select weekly themes and provide constructive critiques on our images. We’re celebrating fall by selecting leaves as this weeks theme.

Here are my photos of leaves around my Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. Feel free to add a comment below.



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